Crevol Hotel Booking

Woocommerce Hotel Reservation Plugin

Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin is a wonderful plugin that allows users to create the booking for hotel, the price will be processed in real time according to customer’s requests. This plugin allows users to book their hotel by date, hourly basis and number of people.


  • Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin has the option to create bookable products.
  • Admin can create amenities and booking services.
  • Admin can set booking duration and booking duration unit (days and hourly), maximum or minimum person.
  • Admin can enable or disable person type (adult, teenage and child).
  • Admin can set services and amenities for booking product.
  • Admin can enable or disable multiply the cost by the number of people.


Installation process:-

  1. Click on Plugins->Add New and then click on Upload Plugin button.
  2. After that click on Choose File, select zip file of Woocommerce Hotel Reservation Plugin Notification plugin and click on ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. After clicking on Install Now button you will see ‘Activate Plugin’ button.
  4. Then Click on ‘Activate Plugin’, the plugin will be activated.



  1. After activating the plugin you will see the Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin is in installed plugin list then click on settings. The admin settings page will be displayed. As shown below in the screenshot.hotel booking admin settings
  2. Click on Hotel Booking->Amenities you will see amenities list as shown below in the screenshot.hotel amenities
  3. Then click on Booking Services as shown below in the screenshot.admin Booking Services list
  4. For creating bookable product click on Products->Add New. As shown below in the screenshot.create booking product

After creating the bookable product you will see a product in frontend as shown below in the screenshot.

booking product on frontend


For any query/inquiry regarding this plugin, you can write us at or generate a ticket at