WordPress HR Management System

WordPress HR Management is a wonderful plugin for manage employee profiles, attendance, leaves and announcements.

Features of WordPress HR Management:-

  • WordPress HR Management plugin has an option to set logo for HR management system.
  • Admin can set navigation color and height.
  • HR manager can add employee type.
  • HR manager can manage departments, designation, announcements.
  • HR manager can mark the attendance of employee.
  • HR manager can add employee.
  • Employee can submit their leave application.
  • Employee can see their attendance.

Installation process:-

  1. Click on Plugins->Add New and then click on Upload Plugin button.
  2. After that click on Choose File, select zip file of WordPress HR Management plugin and click on ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. After clicking on Install Now button you will see ‘Activate Plugin’ button.
  4. Then Click on ‘Activate Plugin’, the plugin will be activated.


After activating the plugin you will see WordPress HR Management is in installed plugin list then click on settings. The admin settings page will be displayed. As shown below in the screenshot.


  1. After completing the admin setting login as HR manager. You will see the HR manager Dashboard. As shown blew in the screenshot.

2. After that log in as an employee, you will see the employee’s dashboard shown below in the screenshot.

For any query/inquiry regarding this plugin, you can write us at support@crevolsoft.com or generate a ticket at https://support.crevolsoft.com.